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vpn server name resolution

By jedimaster ·
Hi there. I've some problem which is pestering me. But I have to explain the whole network first so bear with me.

FQDN: test.testdom.plyfoam.local
Services: DNS
RRAS: Router (LAN and Demand-dial routing, Remote access server)
Enable IP Routing, Allow IP-based RA and DD routing
Static address pool:
Enable broadcast name resolution
Use adapter NIC1 for DHCP, DNS etc?
IGMP: NIC1 ? Router v3, NIC2 - Proxy

NIC1: using DNS connected to switch to which all LAN pcs are conencted.

NIC2:, Gateway, DNS connected to netgear ADSL Router.

ADSL Router:
DHCP Server: ?
WAN: Dynamic address from ISP
Firewall rules: Allow TCP 1373, UDP 1434, VPN: TCP 1723

I have registered the server on the web using

If I connect to the server through VPN, all goes well. However, if I ping, I get replies but if I ping test.testdom.plyfoam.local, I get replies from IP Why is that? And is there any way for me to get replies for the name test.testdom.plyfoam.local at IP

My thing is that I also have SQL server running on the server and when I log on through VPN, there are some default settings used in replication where they use the settings from the server which contains the names instead of IP. e.g. Distributor [TEST\TEST] and when the client tries to access the distributor, it addresses the wrong IP. For the client connecting through VPN, the correct IP for "test" and "test.testdom.plyfoam.local" is Which is wrong...

Thanks for helping me out.

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