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VPN server with 2 nic

By Eminent87 ·

I'm trying to setup a VPN server with Windows 2003 server. I followed the how to setup a vpn server from Microsoft but for some reason it's not working. I have 2 nic called internal and external. The internal has a private IP of, for subnet and blank for gateway. The external has a public IP of, for subnet, for gateway (all info are provided by my isp). For some reason I can't browse the web with this server with this configuration. I can ping out and get reply from yahoo and everyone else but web pages just won't load. Also, I can't ping my VPN server from the outside, it just get timed out. Since I can't ping it, I cannot connect with VPN client either. What am I doing wrong or what am I missing?

I've configured the same public IP on a laptop and it worked fine. I was able to ping it so I know the IP are correct. I can browse fine if I disable one network card but if I have both of them then I can't browse or ping it from outside the network.

A little about my network. I have a dsl connection going to a switch (switch1) and then from the switch it goes to my sonicwall. The sonicwall then goes to another switch(switch2), which is where my private network sits on. My VPN server external nic is on switch1 and interal nic is on switch2.

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by jimmy In reply to VPN server with 2 nic

I use Windows Small business server2k and and had a simialr issue. I've never used Windows2003 so i can only give an educated guess to you for what its worth.

If you can ping and get a response from yahoo and the like but can't browse the web this would seem to me to be more like a firewall issue.
Like i say i had the same problem symptoms on a Windows SBS machine.
Try disbaling firewall and see if this helps.
If it does then check firewall options and see if you can resolve from there.


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by Eminent87 In reply to

The problem is not with the firewall since all vpn ports are openned and the external NIC sits infront of the firewall so it shouldn't be interfering with it. Thanks for trying!

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by CG IT In reply to VPN server with 2 nic

ya know what, are you really sure thats not the problem and that you've configured it properly? Have you bound the NICs to the appropriate IP address? If you didn't Windows is gonna find a conflict and possibly try to use what you though was external as internal.

Good Luck

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by CG IT In reply to

damn, wrong answer on the wrong question.

But anyways, Using 2 nics on W2003 server requires you to bind IP addresses to the NIC so that Windows knows which one to use for what. Without that Windows will use what if Finds.

Now Your comment that VPN is open and listening, Explain how RRAS service is configured, how your DNS records are configured for PTR records for the NICS, so on and so forth. Without some detail information, heck we could play 20 questions until the field of problems get narrowed down to what the cause might be.

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by Eminent87 In reply to

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by Eminent87 In reply to VPN server with 2 nic

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