VPN set up

By rzwoo ·
To all,
Good day, im looking for setting up a VPN from my laptop back to my home. Currently, my home pc is a windows XP. I had created a VPN server at windows XP but dont know how to set up router part. Please correct me if im wrong or any guideline to set up this. Thanks for ur kind reply.

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by Churdoo In reply to VPN set up

Is the VPN server that you set up PPTP? If so, configure the router to forward port 1723 TCP to the internal IP of your PPTP VPN server.

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Not so clear

by rzwoo In reply to PPTP?

Yup, i know tthe PPTP is the technologyy for VPN, but im quite not undetstand with your sentences. In addtion, im not much expert on setting up the VPN. I had set up the VPN with using the integrated from windows XP.

This is the link im followed to set up. Can you verify for me , is this the correct way?

Actually the reply mentioned was on router part?

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VPN setup

by Churdoo In reply to Not so clear

Yes the link that you followed looks correct. In order to complete the process, you need to do 2 more things:
1) configure your router to forward VPN traffic to your home computer;
2) configure the VPN client on your laptop

You specifically asked how to set up your router. Also note that at the bottom of the link that you followed, the author also suggests the provisions that need to be made in your router.

If you send the brand and model of the router, then someone could potentially provide more detail regarding configuring your particular router. Otherwise, we can only speak generally as "forward port 1723 TCP"

However, shall we go back to the beginning? What exactly are you trying to accomplish with your laptop? Do you know that you need to VPN to your home network or do you simply need to access your home desktop from outside the home? There are other and simpler options for doing remote control of your home computer ( for example), which may be sufficient for your needs.

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Port forwarding

by sdrucker In reply to VPN set up

You will need to port forward a few ports for the VPN to work. Assuming that you are using the Microsoft built-in VPN support, you will need to forward TCP 1723. If you use IPSEC, then you will need to forward port 500 (TDP/UDP). You also might need to forward GRE (Protocol 47)

An easier task may just be to place the IP of the VPN server into the DMZ of the router. The procedure of this will depend on the manufacturer of the router.
Your mileage may vary.

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It seem good

by rzwoo In reply to Port forwarding

Thanks for your info, i will try it out. Anyway i hope can get back to you if im still facing the problem.

Thanks again

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