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By irawanrudi ·
i live at indonesia
i use windows server 2003 and adsl modem and don't have static public ip,so i just have dinamic ip, how can i setup my computer to be vpn server?what must i do?i have client at US need to connect with my computer directly to upgrage software.
what port usually use at vpn connection?
is need for me to have vpn router?
is need some special software for that?
please help me with step by step setting up.
thank you

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by BFilmFan In reply to VPN setting

You will need at least one static IP address for that server to function as a VPN server.

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by sgt_shultz In reply to VPN setting

use the Server Management console to add the vpn server role. i would think you could get it working by manually entering your current internet ip address for testing a vpn may not need any special software. the question is: what os and sp is the vpn client?
you can solve the problem of needing a static ip address couple of ways. for $20 a year or so you can get a service that will basically grant you a static ip address. or have you tried to get one from your isp? it may not be all that expensive so be sure to ask.
as for instructions about how to setup the vpn server and client you really would fine some nice howto articles at and
it is very simple. if active directory is setup correctly. and that is big if.
check out the document 'how to check to see if Active Directory is Setup Correctly' or similar title at

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by NateLANman In reply to VPN setting

You can do this through the Routing and Remote Access Service Tool in Windows Server 2003. However, Configuring VPN may be more trouble than it's worth if this is a one-time upgrade.

As far as I know, the most secure implementation would be to use L2TP with IPsec. This would require port 1701 and 500 to be open respectively.

IPSec is not exactly easy to setup on Windows Server 2003. Try for reference.

This site typically has Tutorials/Step by Step set up for what you may be interested in. A simple search revealed this guide: How to Install and Configure a Virtual Private Network Server in Windows Server 2003:


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