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VPN Setup

By Shanghai Sam ·
I have a client with a Win 2K server. It is going to be used as a VPN and Internet router. The client has a SCO UNIX box with an application on it that he needs access to remotely. I need to be able to VPN to the 2K Box to gain access to the local intranet; I then need to be able to use a term emulation program to connect to the SCO box via it?s TCP/IP address to run the application. While logged in via the VPN the local users will not want to lose their access to the Internet, which the 2K boxis providing.

This is a multi homed server (2 net cards) One net card is set to access the internet and has a static IP of 66.14.567.34 with a mask of, and a gateway of 66.14.567.33 provided by the ISP. The other card provides access to the local Intranet and has the following address, with a mask of The SCO box is set to

I can VPN to the 2K box, which assigns a TCP/IP number via DCHP. Such as with a mask of on my 98 box, or on my 2K and XP boxes a mask of When I connect I am able to see the shares on the 2K server, but I can't ping the SCO box. The 2K server also stops providing access to the Internet on the local network.

Ineed some one who can give me very explicit setup instructions, for getting the system to where I can VPN to the 2K box, and then ping the SCO box, and not disrupt the 2K server's Internet access or the 2K servers ability to ping the SCO box or route the Internet locally. I'm using PTPP.


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VPN Setup

by gerryfsu In reply to VPN Setup

The reason your losing the ability for the local LAN to view the inet is due to the configuration on your vpn client. Open the properties on the VPN connection, chose the TCP/IP Properties, Advanced, and clear the check mark next to the "Use LAN Gateway". exit, saving changes.

As for the other, check your DHCP settings...

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