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    I want to study up on setting up a VPN on our hospital server. Where do I start? I want our outside clinics and the radiolologist that reads our digital x-rays to be able to access our server. Is this what I should be looking into? Or is there something else
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      How to study VPN

      by itmantpc ·

      In reply to VPN SETUP

      First thing I would do is understand how VPN’s are put together. You have a lot to be concerned about when implementing a VPN.

      Search google or other sites looking for best practices with VPN implementations, there are many styles and choices with VPN. Once you understand how VPN’s are put together, continue your study into user and object security, VLAN’s,Linux / FreeBSD OS’ and finally firewall configurations and best practices.

      Or you can go to and buy a vpn appliance.

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