VPN Setup Help!!!

By edobrzenski ·
Hi all.

I need to setup a VPN between 2 locations. Both locations will have dsl service through AT&T. Location A has a SBS 2003 server hosting exchange and a website and is also the firewall and router through ISA. The dsl router is set in bridge mode and the sbs server is doing all the routing. All the computers at this location have private addresses. About 7 computers.
At Location B I need to have access to location A and be able to login to the exchange server and access a few network resources. I am going to have a Windows 2003 server at Location B with a separate domain setup for those users to login to there. I would like to have a VPN router separate from the 2003 server here. How would I go about setting this all up as far as ip addresses and routing to make everything play nice. About 12 computers at location B.

Thanks in advance. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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by ccthompson In reply to VPN Setup Help!!!

Linksys has a Router that also works as a VPN endpoint. I believe the model is BEFSX41, or somthing similiar. You can set one of these up at each location and it will have a constant VPN between the two networks.

Easy setup, set one router to 192.168.0.x, and the other to 192.168.1.x. Set the Tunnel up with the two outside IP addresses of the two locations and you should be set!

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VPN Setup

by edobrzenski In reply to Linksys

At Location A where I have the SBS 2003 ISA can I have this in front of that and still have the isa doing all the routing for that location. I need to have the isa as the firewall router.

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by ccthompson In reply to VPN Setup

It also has a DMZ zone, although Ive never used it. When I had mine setup, I had exchange 2000, and people at both ends were able to login to exchange no problem.

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Try with a firewall

by hardblink In reply to VPN Setup Help!!!

Hi, I've windows sbs 2003 with exchange too and we're using this firewall and also we're using MUVPN as vpn client, and I works fine, probably consider , is easy to setup and reliable and you can configure easy the ports and everything is nice. and If you want you can allow only the exactly IP of the other server B to have access to the A, because I understand that you want to connect the two networks I mean server A with server B in a safe way.

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