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    VPN setup help


    by justmet ·

    Could someone explain this statement from the “Setting up a VPN with Windows 2000” article.

    “You?ll need to set up one network card with a true Internet IP address and the default gateway of your Internet router”

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      by bfilmfan ·

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      The article is assuming that the VPN server is doing routing. Thus, you would have one NIC for the Internet-facing network and one NIC for the internal facing network.

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      by roger99a ·

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      You RRAS server will need a NIC on the inside of your network and another NIC on the outside/internet side of your network. Let’s assume you have a leased T1 and an allotment of internet IP addresses. Your outside NIC will need to be configured with one of those addresses given to you from your ISP and the Gateway will be the router that connects you to the internet. If you’re trying to set this up from a cable or DSL connection then the rules will change a bit. Call your ISP or give us some details.

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