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    VPN Setup Help


    by hanekwj ·


    This week I, for the first time, managed to setup remote connectivity, it is however through RDP

    DynDNS =>
    Port Forwarding 3389 =>

    I would like to advance to the next step now by doing VPN connections.

    Would someone please take the time to help me get everything in order regarding this plan?

    I set the DDNS on the router not via the Update client on the server. This would then indicate to me that I must Port Forward from the Router, the VPN ports right?
    What ports should i forward?
    Do i need Real VNC on both Server and remote client using port forwarding?

    Did i miss anything?

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      by hanekwj ·

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      What type of VPN?

      by choppit ·

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      If you’re using RDP then you don’t need VNC and I’m not certain they’d play nicely together anyway. In any case, neither is related to VPN functionality. You need to decide what type of VPN implementation you’ll be using (PPTP, L2TP, IPsec, SSL) and then determine which ports or features you need to enable.

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        Remote File Access…

        by hanekwj ·

        In reply to What type of VPN?

        RDP is mostly for me so that i can perform tasks from home on the server. I log in through the RDC interface under accessories in Windows 7.

        The VPN i would need to give users access to documents stored in a shared folder on the server.

        If that will help you help me.

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