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By eward ·
I am needing to set up a VPN for my small-medium buisness. We're running a Windows Server 2003 server, with only on NIC (we've got a hardware firewall.) I'm having trouble setting up the windows server VPN (I think it might require 2 NICs with the server bridging the intranet to the internet?) so I'm looking to try out other solutions. I'd like to try not to spend tons of money on this, but I really need to let my remote workers access files on our server.


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only one nic...

by Virtual1 In reply to VPN software

you need to add a nic to make this work.

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NEED two for VPN eh?

by eward In reply to only one nic...

So just to be clear, I NEED all external internet traffic to be routed through the server in order to get VPN to work? implications?

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by retro77 In reply to NEED two for VPN eh?

Ok you need 2 to point externally, the server will 'route' the traffic to the internal NIC from the external. Both can be inside a protected zone [behind the hardware firewall]. Open up ports on the firewall to allow the VPN traffic in. Also make sure that server is patched up with the latest and greatest.

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by eward In reply to Firewalls....

Thanks for the help. I was hoping to avoid re-wiring the LAN, but I guess it was not meant to be. Time for a fun and exciting new project!

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don't do that!

by Virtual1 In reply to Thanks!

just add a switch before it gets to the server... as long as you don't have too much traffic.

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oh yea!

by Virtual1 In reply to Firewalls....

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