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    VPN stops Working randomly


    by samurainerd ·

    I have a NetGear FVS318 Prosafe and a NetGear FVS114… here is the problem randomly and for no aparent reason the FVS114 starts dropping packets (a LOT of packets) and this seems to cause it (after a while of dropping packets) to stop working completely… we have tried EVERYthing, changed all kinds of settings the problem is that if you reset the router it starts working again until randomly… it does it all over again… I’m trying to avoid calling NetGear because they charge you a lot for support even after buys so many of there products… any thoughts would be helpful


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      by apierson ·

      In reply to VPN stops Working randomly

      Is your QOS under Local Area Connection Properties checked off? Also what type of VPN is this, is it a home brew, or one that was bought?

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      Its happening to me too

      by kberry ·

      In reply to VPN stops Working randomly

      I have about 200 netgears fvs114 connecting to a Cisco ASA5520, out of the 200 I have 80 on site to site VPN, 7 of the 80 are locking up for no apparent reason. I can power cycle the netgear and everything returns back to normal, until the next time it ramdonly locks up. I did call netgear tech support, it is free for the first 90 days. they told me to lower my MTU size from 1500 to 1460. they said depending on your connection, (most of my netgears are connected to a DLS line) the MTU size may be to big for your netgear and its choking it, which causes it to drop packets and lock up. which could explain why resetting your netgears seems to work for a little while before it locks up again. I will monitor one of my problem netgears and let you know if that works.

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        Similar Problem

        by mermas ·

        In reply to Its happening to me too

        I have 2 Netgear fvl328 routers doing a site to site vpn the connection last a few hours but then stops. Remote management also stops. If I reboot the router the tunnel comes back up. I tried your MTU suggestion but it seems to make the connection drop sooner.

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        Anyone find a solution

        by greg ·

        In reply to Its happening to me too

        I’m having the same problem with two different ones. I’ve tried both suggestions in this forum. Has anyone found a fix?

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      Readjust Key Lifetime Settings to 28800

      by cyberpsych1 ·

      In reply to VPN stops Working randomly

      Try setting your key times to 28800 (a little of 8hrs) if you haven’t already done so. I’ve got an FVS114 running on 8mb down/488kbps up ADSL connection and I’ve yet to see any problems. Additionally, I’m running off of it two RT31P2 vonage routers and 3 vpn tunnels.

      I find increased key times to be beneficial (from a personal standpoint).


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      I have a very similar problem

      by lottj ·

      In reply to VPN stops Working randomly

      Did you ever find a fix

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        Yes – throw it in the trash

        by greg ·

        In reply to I have a very similar problem

        My fix was to stop using the piece of crap. I have two of them and both did the same thing. Just basic traffic of any volume even without VPN enabled caused them to lock up. Too unreliable for my use.

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          What router did you replace it with

          by lottj ·

          In reply to Yes – throw it in the trash

          What type of equipment did you end up using, because I can’t afford waste my time with this


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          Non VPN solution

          by greg ·

          In reply to What router did you replace it with

          For now I’m just using a Linksys WRT54GL which doesn’t have VPN. After my experience with the Netgear routers I’ve done more research and haven’t found any consistently positive feedback for any of the low cost VPN solutions. The Linksys versions that have VPN also seem to have issues. If you find a good low cost VPN solution I would love to hear about it.

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          PIX 501

          by tom.edukonis ·

          In reply to Non VPN solution

          My employer had hired a local IT firm to set up their existing network (before my time) and every piece of networking equipment is Netgear.

          We are expanding soon and VPN connections will be a necessity. Everything I have read about the FVS318 (the router that was installed) is that it is garbage. From configuration confusion (poor documentation from Netgear) to reliability concerns, I am not going to bother wasting the time and energy fighting with it.

          A reliable, somewhat cost-effective solution I have been looking into is a Cisco PIX 501 VPN/Firewall. Depending on the model you get (10 user, 50 user, unlimited) they go from $200 (10 user) on ebay to $450 (unlimited users)

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      Downgraded Firmware

      by patrick ·

      In reply to VPN stops Working randomly

      I have the same problem here, working on a Telus Server package (I didn’t have the issue till we upgraded packages). Anyways I’ve tried upgrade the FVS114 to 1.1_10 with the same result. I’ve just downgraded to version 1.1_01 and so far so good. My VPN link is good and my internet seems solid for now. X’ing fingers now.

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