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VPN Switch office network

By tsert ·
My Office is changing locations and we have decided to upgrade our network, 100 wired ethernet connections terminate into punch blocks and then are connected to our 4 stackable switches(I have not bought yet) which is then connected to our server, we have a DSL modem connection coming into our switch. this configuration needs to have a VPN added to it(for mobile users - I probably only need 5 to 10 Connections over the VPN at one time),
Does anybody know what the best configuration is?
I have looked for 24-port VPN Switches but the most I've found are 8-port - how would an 8-port VPN fit into my Configuration (between which hardware does it go)?
Thank you for any information you have

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by morty In reply to VPN Switch office network

Buy a Linksys or D-Link or other flavor Broadband Router for your DSL. By the way, what DSL speed are you running? At 100 users things may get slow, espesially if you are hosting your own web and email, just something to think about.
We use the HP procurve 2524m 24 port switches. I am almost certain you get get these in 48, 3com, Intel, cisco also has 48 port switches,there are lots of flavors that will suit your needs, you may even consider switches with at least 2 gigabit ports each so you can increase your backbone speed. that's about it, . . . "Plug and Play". =)

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by wlbowers In reply to VPN Switch office network

The only reason you would need a VPN Switch is if you were going to put that at a remote location to provide several vpn tunnels back to your main location.

A VPN switch has a VPN router and up to 8 tunnel connections in the same box. They are a configuration management solution.

You don't need to have vpn switches in your system.

Purchase 10/100 or gigabyte managed switches, depending on the speed you plan for your lan.

You will need to run a vpn server. And run vpn client software on the laptops to tunnel through the internet.

Cisco has an excellent solution.

Good Luck Lee

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by tsert In reply to

Thank you,

I have comlpleted this setup and it is up and running.

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by tsert In reply to VPN Switch office network

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