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VPN / Terminal Services Client

By acl33d ·
I have users working in country A and sometimes they will be travelling to country B. As country B I do not have access to the firewall and network configuration, country A and country B are having separated network. Users need to be able to connect to Country A file server to open files.

The server in country A is Compaq Proliant 1600, NT server 4.0 SP6, PIII - 550Mhz, 512MB Ram. Router is Cisco router 2610. An ISDN dial up 256KB modem. SCSI Raid 1. All shared files are stored on IDE hard disk on this server.

Plan: Upgrade internet line to leased lines - 512kbps. If I'm getting SDSL broadband- 1.5Mbps, what are the disadvantages?

1. Currently there's no firewall or vpn server on country A, how do I setup the network in order for the users to connect to file server remotely using some kind of vpn client to retrieve their files, for eg. excel, word files when they are connecting using country B Lan connection. My concern is if these 4 users were to come to country B to connect to country A server remotely to open up those files, will the connection be very slow?
2. Terminal Server to be install on country A server, based on the hardware of the NT server - do you think it is able to support? Users to connect using vpn client and using Terminal services client to connect to the NT server but the fall back is they can't save the files to the local disk.

Appreciate all help.

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by Curacao_Dejavu In reply to VPN / Terminal Services C ...

I am also tempted to go for a TS solution.
You would be able to centralize control, update application, access to applications etc.
The 512 K is more than enough for 4 users ( i have a 1 mb line for 30+ users and not even half of it's capacity is being used. Remember only screen changes will be sent to the client.
If you buy the citrix add-on for the TS the clients wil be able to save and print locally.

btw the server will need > 396 MB to work efficiently on a NT based system. on a w2 system you would need > 500 MB.

If you buy a firewall, you can put the server behind the firewall and open the nessary ports (3389 for ts and 1494 for citrix.


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K-Secure VPN

by k-secure In reply to VPN / Terminal Services C ...

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