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VPN through a firewall

By sytsopor ·
Ladies ?n gentlemen:
I?m trying to get into a Win2000 server from a PC with Windows2000 trough an Internet VPN conection; I am going to a LINUX Caldera 3.1 firewall with iptables, which has two NIC?s one to the Internet and the other to the WIN2000server. I got to the point where it gives the message:"checking and validating userID and password" and then it hangs.
I?ll appreciate very much any help.
Regards: J Y Solano

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VPN through a firewall

by servermonkey In reply to VPN through a firewall

Depends on what protocol you are using, such as ipsec, to connect. If you are using ipsec, you need to allow IP protocol 50 and 51, and udp 500 in both directions.

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VPN through a firewall

by sytsopor In reply to VPN through a firewall

Hello "Servermonkey"!!!
Thanks a lot for your answer; the protocol being used is PPTP point to point tunnelled protocol. I?ll appreciate your valuable comments.
Regards: J Solano

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VPN through a firewall

by schannachie In reply to VPN through a firewall


There is an rpm package that can be suitable
for Caldera, is originaly for RH Linux. And is
is a PPTP damemon (pptp.rpm). Once you configure
this remembrer to preroute and post-route (use
the static NAT facilities ) so the packagescan
arrive from the external NIC (the internet) to
the LAN (Your Win 2K server). You can also check
this out useing the logging flag of iptables.

Hope it helps !

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