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VPN tunnel from XP Pro to Linksys router

By RogMJ007 ·
I attempted to follow the steps used by the following link. However, they have proved unsuccessful,{3BB}&softpage=IKW_ENU_JDocView

The router is the Linksys WRV54G and the laptop is XP Pro. I used the IP address from my laptop's dialup connection as one IP address and the external IP address of the router for the other endpoint.

My internal IP address behind the router is

I enabled ping requests. Am I doing something wrong? Has anyone been successful with this configuration? If so, please help me out.

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by CG IT In reply to VPN tunnel from XP Pro to ...

Suggestion kinda depends upon how you have your router setup. Do you use a static IP address scheme behind the router? or use the routers DHCP? If you use a static scheme, you have to use port fowarding on port 1723 to the computer behind the router you want to connect to.

did you allow PPTP pass through the router? Also your "public" IP address has to be used meaning the IP address assigned by you ISP for you to find your network. Ping is a utility and really not required for remote access to work. Since you've enabled ping, try pinging your public IP address from your laptop and see if you get an answer. atthe cmd prompt type ping <public ip address> and note if you get a time out or any return. Also, on the computer behind the router your trying to connect to, if its running XP and have XP's firewall or running any other O/S and have a firewall on that machine, you have to allow remote PPTP connections.

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by CG IT In reply to

humm you want to connect to the routers web interface remotely? the firewall section should have allow/disallow remote administration option.

I looked at the Linksys wireless router your using and didn't see any mention of it being a VPN Endpoint router meaning the VPN tunnel endpoint is the router itself and not some other computer on the inside of the router.

Remote admin on the router itself might be a port other than port 80 [old Linksys wired routers were set for remote admin on port 8080] that means the ip address for remote admin for those routers would be <yourIP Address>:8080 just typing in your ip address means <youripaddress>:80 as http web requests go out on port 80 and are received on port 80.

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by CG IT In reply to

ooops take that back about VPN endpoint at the router. There are endpoint configuration pages that you have to specify the endpoints ip addresses. the help files on the router do have instructions on creating the end points. Did you follow those?

side note: calling linksys tech support isna a good idea. Though knowledgable in most basic setup, they aren't that great for setting up their equipment for the tyep of business networking your trying to do.

IMO home users are now becoming small business users in that they want access to ALL their computers at home remotely just as in a business environment with remote users loggin in on a business network.

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by RogMJ007 In reply to VPN tunnel from XP Pro to ...

Thank you for your response. Here is additional info:
I am using DHCP behind the router. I want to use the laptop on the remote side as one endpoint and the WRV54G router as the other endpoint of the VPN tunnel.

I did allow PPTP pass-through on the router.
I am using the public IP addresses for both the router and laptop when I configured the tunnel endpoints.
I am able to ping the router from the laptop. I just can not connect to the web interface. The response time is 200-400 ms.

Lastly, I want to terminate the tunnel at the router so that I can connect to any of the hosts within the network. I hope this helps.

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by RogMJ007 In reply to VPN tunnel from XP Pro to ...

I apologize for my delay. I didn't receive an e-mail stating you responded. Anyway, I spoke to Linksys (not much help at all). I followed the steps in the user manual--the same ones on Microsoft's website. They did not work for me. I was told by Linksys I needed to establish a VPN tunnel prior to the IPSec instructions in the manual. Is that information correct?

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by kennedynet In reply to VPN tunnel from XP Pro to ...

From the web interface, create a forwarding rule called GRE and use any port you like. Save the config file (backp of config) onto your system. open the config file and look for the following:

Replace the (17) with (47) - this will forward the GRE traffic to the PPTP server. Save the config file then under administration, config management, upload your revised config file and enjoy PPTP passthrough the way it should be from the factory!

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by matt.sokoloski In reply to VPN tunnel from XP Pro to ...

That wrv54g is a piece of junk but I got it to work. Im assuming your using ipsec... make sure your setting it up for the following sdes/sha1 and on the advanced settings page use 1024 bit, also to make your connection stable disable upnp and dont put a check mark in netbios (blue screened my server) good luck

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