VPN unable to Access to resources

By douglasemc ·
i somehow managed to "google" my way to creating a VPN, i got the commands for the firewall, the cisco client and how to set it up
which i did. and surprisingly enough it works, but how do i add clients to the group? and how do i access resources like printers and shared drives?
i'm using a cisco pix 506 E

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I hate CISCO

by TheVirtualOne In reply to VPN unable to Access to r ...

If your not a "CISCO guy" then you should probably stop right now and call one.

I recommend Watchguard firewalls to anyone who is new to firewalls because they always work, and anyone with the left half of their brain removed (the APPLE users) can work on them and I we are never locked in to a "CISCO guy"

Are there any "Cisco guys" out there who charge <$125 an hour? I didn't think so.

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I hear you

by douglasemc In reply to I hate CISCO

Well I' obviously not a cisco guy and as you say, this sucks because we can't afford to just get rid of the firewall and get a new one
well i guess it's time to call cisco

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I work on Cisco...

by brandon In reply to I hear you


I work extensively on Cisco products - many remotely.

I have been an avid Cisco tech for more than 8 years and have installed PIX firewalls for the US Treasury. I carry multiple certifications and have designed Cisco security implementations to meet government requirements.

I, too, hated Cisco. I basically brute-forced the knowledge into my head. Now, I spend a great deal of time giving back to the community. Cisco truly does make great products, however, they are not easy to use. The reason is simple: security is complex. Anyone who really believes that a point-and-click GUI will provide security is being somewhat naive. All too often I have audited businesses that have compliance requirements and they fail consistently on being able to provide comprehensive documentation on their security policy.

With Cisco, you first have to understand the advanced features of IP internetworking. Only then will the Cisco IOS "make sense". Once it does however, you'll never go back.

I charge reasonable rates and I provide full documentation for the work I perform. I want more people to feel comfortable with Cisco platform appliances because I believe they are the best value for the dollar.

No, I am not - nor have I ever been - employed by Cisco. I am a private owner of a service business that provides technical services and consulting to other businesses (no home users, please). I am not a reseller of any product, nor do I receive kick-backs from any partners.

All the best.

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