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VPN vs dialup connection

By miankhaliq2001 ·
I have many database and wants to give acess to my different offices located in different cities.How it is possible through VPN CONNECTION

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Short answer is yes

by James R Linn In reply to VPN vs dialup connection

If you are comparing using a 56K modem for direct access to a RAS server versus 56K modem to local ISP, then there is no real advantage. The advantage comes in using someones broadband connection to an ISP(cable modem/dsl or T1)to create a VPN connection -which will usually result in a faster connection.

You do have to look at -how congested their connection to the net is and how congested yours is - if its at the brusting point now, you probably need to add capacity before you start adding VPN users. And some locations do have some speed limitations -hang ups regarding local internet service. We've made VPN connections around the world and the service qulaity varies alot, even in the same country.


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