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    VPN WAN problem/issues


    by al.j.weysham ·

    A good friend has a problem and I was wondering if I could get a few opinions…

    the text of his email follows:
    Got a problem on this end.. See if you know or can think of a solution…

    We have a plant in Manchester, GA. which is where I am and
    we have a plant in Atlanta, GA.

    Manchester is domain; HMP
    Atlanta is dommain; Atlanta.

    We are trying to use Microsoft VPN between the 2 domains over the internet.
    We have a 128k pipe on a T1, Atlanta has a DSL connection.

    We can connect and do most of the stuff we need to do,, the problem is;

    When we connect from the Atlanta domain and log into the HMP domain, they
    (people in Atlanta)
    loose all their existing network drive mappings. This part, I kind of
    The problem is we want to be able to keep the existing drive mappings so we
    run a program over the atlanta network instead of installing it locally on
    the different pc’s.

    What we Want to do, is make them both the same domain so the drive mappings
    will be the same
    on each domain.

    I personally don’t think this can be done without both pdc’s fighting each
    I don’t think my supervisor want to use the Atlanta server as a backup
    domain controller for HMP
    because then they would have to sync, and I don’t think he wants them to
    sync over the internet.

    Do you have any suggestions on this problem???

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      VPN WAN problem/issues

      by shmaltz ·

      In reply to VPN WAN problem/issues

      From what you wrote I understand that the VPN connection from atlanta is done from each user when needed, this is not the way to do it and thats why you have this problem.
      What you should do is make the connections from one of the servers and then set up a trust between the 2 domains that way each user on both ends will not loose thier mappings and they will be able to connect to the other domain as well.
      As for using MS VPN over the internet if you use MS WINNT 4.0 then you should upgrade the computers that make the connection to win2000 since winnt 4.0 PPTP is not as secure as it is advertised to be.
      For additional INFO on the security of MS PPTP check out

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      VPN WAN problem/issues

      by al.j.weysham ·

      In reply to VPN WAN problem/issues

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