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VPN, Windows XP and Linksys - need help

By darin.w.cross ·
I am trying to connect a small business office with a remote location via a VPN connection. The host computer is Windows XP and the configuration appears to be set up correctly. The office uses cable modem to access the Internet and a Linksys BEFSR41 is used as a firewall/NAT between the cable modem and the local LAN where the host resides. I can connect to the Linksys from an outside source, so I know that I have connectivity to at least the Linksys, but cannot make a connection via VPN to the host. This is my first attempt at doing this, so any help on what I might check would be appreciated. I suspect that the problem lies in the config of the Linksys. I have updated to the latest firmware which supposedly corrects several VPN issues.

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VPN, Windows XP and Linksys - need help

by CG IT In reply to VPN, Windows XP and Links ...

well since the host is using the router for a firewall, to get to the host, port fowarding has to be used. To use port fowarding in the Linksys router, a static IP address scheme has to be used for the host[can't use the router's DHCP to assign IP addresses to clients]. One way to set this up is to have two Linksys BEFSX41 VPN Endpoint routers[one at the host, one at the clients] and create a VPN Windows IpSpec connection via the routers. Very secure connection as authentication is by the routers and not clients.

Routers, thought they say they allow PPTP and L2TP pass through really don't as port fowarding is required to get those packets to the right computer connected to the router. So if the host is IP address a portfowarding rule has to be created to foward PPTP TCP/IP port 1723 traffic to Same with L2TP traffic. Further, there seems to be a problem with GRE traffic being blocked which causes problems with remote access to a host behind the router that continues even if you create a fowarder for port 47 traffic.

I've yet to resolve the problem except when I put a server on the active DMZ port. Problem goes away completely.

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