VPN with 2 offices, Cisco 881's

By gene ·
OK, i'm a novice at this. I need to set up a full time VPN between two offices. The client will have two Cisco 881's (one in each office). We need to have the network domain traffic shared between the offices, e.g. one office needs access to the network resources in the other (LOB applications, etc). But, we want all internet traffic to go out locally from each office's internet connection. Someone mentioned something about a 'split tunnel', but i'm a total novice at this VPN stuff. Can someone point me towards some good resources on how to set this up? Each office will have static IP addressing on the Cisco 881 facing the internet.

Gene O'Brien
Technology Service of Long Island

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Re: VPN with 2 offices

by christianshiflet In reply to VPN with 2 offices, Cisco ...

I don't have any experience with the Cisco routers you are asking about, but I do manage similar hardware based site to site VPNs. When you setup the VPN, one of the options should be something along the lines of "Use this tunnel as the default route for Internet traffic". By selecting that option, all traffic would go through that tunnel. By not selecting that option, Internet traffic will not use the tunnel as its default route. You would, however, want to identify the network on the other end of the tunnel so all local networks are available (LAN access).

If you are running a DNS server behind one of the routers (router A) then you will probably want to use that DNS server as the primary DNS server when setting up the other router (router B) if you are using DHCP from the routers and not from a server. I apologize if any of this is unclear. Let me know if I can clarify or you have additional questions.

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