VPN with BEFSX41 and Win2003.

By VlaBob ·

I have number of branch offices that connects to my Win2003 (VPN) server. In past, when I had few of them, I made connections with routers on the both sides.. But now I need VPN server. So, we desided to use win2k3 with its routing and remote acces...


Problem is that I cannot connect remote BEFSX41 routers to my windows.
And question is: Is there a way to create VPN tunnel between BEFSX41 and Win2003, or NOT?


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update firmware use DMZ port

by CG IT In reply to VPN with BEFSX41 and Win2 ...

get the latest firmware. use the DMZ port.

One of the problems with the Linksys consumer level routers is that it doesn't allow the option to forward GRE port 47 which is required for PPTP VPN.

the workaround is to use the DMZ port which circumvents the firewall. The downside is that there's no firewall between the server and the internet except the Windows Firewall.

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