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By mezdor ·
Can you connect 2 locations via VPN over the internet with DSL? Both locations have a Dynamic address.

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by mhartmann In reply to VPN With DSL?

Hi there !

Well, depends on how you set up your two locations ! For example, you could set up both locations using your dsl with dynamic address and Dynamic DNS. There are several providers for DnyDNS. Your both locations dial up to the ISP using DSL. There you let them logon 2 on DynDNS Server which will update with their latest IP. Than you are able to connect by using that DynDNS-Name; i.e. Location1 and Location2.

BUT: that might not work using a DSL-Router on both locations since VPN needs IP-to-IP Connection - no NAT between that! There are some DSL-Routers that do support this using a DMZ, but you will need to try this out ...

Good Luck !

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by VinnyD In reply to VPN With DSL?

Can it be done? The answer is yes.

Will you have problems with connecting all the time? The answer is yes.

Because you have a dynmaic instead of a fixed address, you will find times when you will not be able to connect. That will be caused by the ip address of the computer you are trying to connect to has changed.

You will then have to figure out the new IP address and change the VPN connection to use the net IP address.

And you know that it will happen to you just when it is very important that you make the connection.

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by jtpaderes In reply to VPN With DSL?

Good day!

Sir go to this site, read and download the software. I think this will solve your problem.

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by mezdor In reply to

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by -Q-240248 In reply to VPN With DSL?

No, you cannot connect DSL over dynamic IPs. You need VPN termination equipment as well. You need static, public IP addresses to make it work properly, and you're probably NAT'd as well. You may get away with dynamic IPs by telling each other your IP addresses at the time, but you still need VPN, public, termination equipment on each end.

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by mezdor In reply to VPN With DSL?

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