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VPN with Linksys RV082 and VPN Client

By mikejmoore ·
I have an office of 5 users and we are adding a new employee that will share time between home amd office. We want to set up VPN on our network. I have set up the router in a "client to gateway" set up and useing Linksys VPN client I can not get connected. I tried using the WinXP VPN client and it connects quickly, but when connected I can ping all of the pc's in our office, but can not see any of the shared folders, primters, or pc's. I have all of the pc's in the same workgroup including the laptop I am trying to use for VPN access. Would it make any difference to use WinXP network set up wizard or am I missing something real simple?

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by sgt_shultz In reply to VPN with Linksys RV082 an ...

my thought is, not all vpn clients are created equal and there is bug maybe in linksys vpn client. what did linksys website have to say about this?

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by mikejmoore In reply to

I did finally get the WinXP vpn client to get me there. It got me in to the network and using
\\ip address\sharename at the run command got me to the files and I was able to map a drive. I had to use the run command to open the folder and then start the drive mapping and copy the address and not type it directly. I still want to figure out why the Linksys VPN client doe not work or what I am doing wrong. Everything I have read is the WinXP client is not very secure. I tried activating the IPSec and then it would not connect. Any ideas?

The Linksys site and people quite honestly have not been very helpful. They gave me quick answers that were not solving my problem and do not respond to my replies that were explaining it was not helping.

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by Exp In reply to VPN with Linksys RV082 an ...

I am currently trying to config a RV082 VPN and running into similar problems. According to Linksys support the easiest way is to use Quick VPN clients from Linksys but I couldnot get it to work. Further research shoen on Linksys web site that this client will not work until a new firware that due to come out in 2nd quarter on 2005. Like you I used PPPTP to connect but I could even see the host network. Any ideas??

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by mikejmoore In reply to VPN with Linksys RV082 an ...

I finally got the Linksysy VPN client to work.

You have to disable the Windows firewall. I don't like that solution, but for me each end has a router so I don't feel quite as exposed.

Once I disabled the Windows firewall, everything worked fine, using the run command to get to shares by direct IP address info. I still have not figured out how to get the network shares to show up during the connection.

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by speeder-net In reply to

You can likely avoid disabling the firewall entirely by adding exception rules for the specific IPSEC ports the Linksys system is using.

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