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VPN -- works on only one computer?

By Luke_Zillman ·
I just setup a VPN server (a windowsXP pro VPN server)... now this is the weird thing,
at first no computers could ever connect to the VPN (error 800) however tonight I enabled VPN on the router...

Problem1) -- I came home and tried to connect... it started to connect but then failed on authentication (i forgot the password) but (the key point here is that it did try and authenticate).

I then went to my friends house, who knows the password, setup the VPN client (the default windowsXP client) on his machine, and it connected and authenticated... it works perfectly on his computer.... he can connect, disconnect, and connect again, its great.

Problem: NO other computer will connect to this VPN... it doesnt even try and connect, it just sits there and comes up with error 800 failed to connect.... even my computer at home ... that "tried to connect but failed authentication -- because i forgot the password" -- wont even try and connect anymore?

It seems to me... that for some reason, because my mates computer managed to connect... that ALL other computers now cant connect? (note: he had disconnected from the VPN when we tried to connect on other computers).

any ideas -- AT ALL ? -- I even tried my laptop at my mothers house, and my laptop has no firewalls at all, i even formated the laptop -- still no luck.

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Basic connectivity to IP address and work from there..

by BennyHell In reply to VPN -- works on only one ...

Can you access the public IP of your VPN remotely, that is, can you ping or traceroute to it ?

Also, does it sit behing a firewall, and if so, can you see the client access requests at the firewall?

Lastly, do you have any VPN logs on your VPN server?

I'd start there if I was in your shoes.



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an update

by Luke_Zillman In reply to Basic connectivity to IP ...

thanks for the reply, yes I can ping and tracert to the static DSL IP address of the router over the internet. I will turn on VPN log's on the server tomorrow when I am next out there. Its really weird... one computer can connect fine, but then no others computers even try and connect -- theres no "error" they just wont even try and connect at all!... but if u reboot the server... any computer can connect... but as soon as it does -- no other computers can connect again! its really weird, to be honest its driving me up the wall. I flew down to Melbourne last night for a meeting and had a chat to a few mates down there that I was staying with, they seem as stumped as me, I came back home to Brisbane City today but unfortunatly had work all day so I didnt have time to head into this guys office. I will turn on VPN logs tomorrow ... but then I am flying down to Sydney for the weekend, I will "try" and access the server logs remotely, otherwise I will keep you guys updated sunday night / monday. thanks for the help!

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