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    vpnc works, now what do I do?


    by wilhelm ·

    I have set up vpnc to connect my laptop at home to the server at work so I can access mine and a couple of other computers that I need to get on for my job. When I use UltraVPN at work I get directly into the other computer and see what is on the screen there. When I connect to the server with my domain password I just get the server.
    Can someone give me directions or a link to where i may find how with vpnc or some additional software I can actually access my desktop at work or the other two computers I use? I need to be able to see what is on them and act on them as if I am at the keyboard.
    When I log in I see the indicator that my VPN is active but get nothing else like I do when using UltraVPN at work. That program opens a window showing the screen of the desktop I have accessed. How do I do that with VPNC???
    All of my computers at work are with Windows XP and I use Ubuntu at home.

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