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VPNing from a home network

By Ken ·
I am trying to VPN into my office from my home network (peer to peer) If I disconnect the router from the network and plug it into my laptop, I have no problem. VPN works great - unfortunately, my desktop and my wife's computer loose the Internet. On the other hand, if I connect the router to my desk top (part of the peer to peer home networkk) my wife and I can both connect to the Internet but VPN fails. I believe that it may be a DHCP issue. My home network sees my desktop as conflicting with the server that I am connecting to at work (also on that network.) Any ideas?

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IP conflict between networks will cause DCHP to route locally

by skottke In reply to VPNing from a home networ ...

Yes, you are correct in that it is a DHCP issue, but it is not DHCP's fault. The problem is the IP conflict with your local network and the network at work. When you are trying to connect your VPN to work the DHCP request that is sent to get an IP from the work network is being routed locally and not getting to the work network. Change your local network IP range to something that is not used at work and most likely your VPN will work correctly.

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Re: VPNing from a home network

by Gorto In reply to VPNing from a home networ ...

The IP address cannot be the same on both ends of the tunnel. If your router at work is using this address it's probably not wise to change it. This leaves you changing the router on your home net. If it's a Linksys you should have no problem changing the router's IP to something like You will have to turn off DHCP and go with static IP's as well. You will also have to select IPSec passthru (on the home router. PPTP works but is not encrypted in the tunnel. This should allow you to establish a connection to the tunnel.

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