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VPN's in Win 2K Small Business Server

By CompuBandit ·
I am a college student who does mostly hardware consulting work on the side. I was recently asked if it was possible for a computer with an external ip address (running Windows XP Pro)to access a Win 2K Small Business Server (and network)using a VPN. There is a catch. The server is connected to a Linksys router along with the clients sharing one external ip address. As an end result, the user wants the remote computer to act if it was on the job location. (Access all hd's, control using netmeeting, etc.) Are there built-in functions in the remote computer, server, and the router to do this?

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If I understand...try to use DMZ

by mrjay67 In reply to VPN's in Win 2K Small Bus ...

If I am understanding correctly you should be able to use a DMZ host setting on the linksys router. It may depend on the version of linksys router you have though. I know I have a linksys cable router that has a DMZ option. DMZ allows one of the PCs to act as it was using the external IP on the router. There should be a tab that you click on and then you just put in the IP address of the server sitting behind the router. There are VPN solutions using the same kind of router that may offer better options. If the XP box needs to connect to the other PCs that could be an issue as Ive only seen the ability to set one DMZ host(per router). If you need to access the other PCs you might could setup terminal services and/or VNC(a remote control app like PCAnywhere) and point from the server to the other PCs. With both Boxes having external IPs there shouldn't be any problems once you configure the DMZ and any possible firewalls(XP can be very tricky if you use its built in firewall). The router can be configured to forward ports and such to the other PCs so you could also try that. You may want to look around on the linksys and see what will work best for you. I hope this at least gets you in the right direction.

hope this helps


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Found DMZ

by CompuBandit In reply to If I understand...try to ...

Ok I've found the DMZ option in the Linksys documentation. We just need the ISP to unlock the box. They've set a password on it. To your comment to with DMZ only being able to allow one connection to the router this is true. However the end result the user is seeking is to accomplish is to let the user with the external IP address act is if he had a 200 mile cat-5 cable connected from his computer to the network switch. If this can be completed through the internet via a VPN, theoretically the user could type the local IP address of the other computers and use net meeting or Timbuktu to connect to the clients on the network.<br><br>Thanks for your reply,<br><br> Aaron Nowicki

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VPN's in Win2K SBS

by george In reply to VPN's in Win 2K Small Bus ...

I suggest you find out if the router can be set up for VPN. If not, find out if the ISP can supply one that can.
Another way of doing this is to set up a firewall. This solution not only solves the VPN problem, but also provides additional securityfor the internal network.

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Linksys VPN router

by mageeb1 In reply to VPN's in Win 2K Small Bus ...

I recently setup a client with exactly what you are asking about. It was done with a Linksys BEFVP41. If you're interested in the details, send me an email. The decription on how to set it up is to lengthy to post here.

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VPN Router

by qmd61 In reply to Linksys VPN router

Hello MageeB1! I have the problem to set up VPN with Linksys BEFVP41. I just read your post in Tech Republic web page. Would you please sending me the details how to set it up. I really appreciate your help.

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