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VS.NET Pro vs VS.Net Dev Edition

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STupid question..
I'm completely new to .Net, so go easy on me for this. Will the Pro edition of VS.NET allow me to create DLL's ? I've been looking everywhere and am just not finding a clear answer. As well, if I have a web application using DLL's, would I be able to modify said application with the Pro version. No way my company will pay for Dev edition. Thanks to anyone who can help me !!!

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by jleather In reply to VS.NET Pro vs VS.Net Dev ...

You should be able to go to file|new|project and select class library template. This works for C# and VB and appears to be valid for C++ and J#.

You can also use the command line by using the following:

csc /target:library /out:MyLibrary.DLL file1.cs

followed by any additional files. For VB or J# use vbc and vjc command respectively instead of csc (and the file extensions will be different). For C++ use the cl /LD command.

For more information see

Hope this helps . . .


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by Shellbot In reply to VS.NET Pro vs VS.Net Dev ...

Thanks, but its more a case of not how I do it, but which version will allow me to do it ? Is that the Professional Edition you are quoting from, or are you using the Developer Edition ? Pro costs 500 Euros, Dev cost 2300 Euros..if i can modify or build DLL's in Pro its a huge money saver, as my company will be reluctant to pay for full Dev edition.

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by Shellbot In reply to VS.NET Pro vs VS.Net Dev ...

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