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vulpine: You can't do with a bicycle what you can do with a car,

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Adomoe, you can't do with a car what you can do with a bicycle.

by Vulpinemac In reply to vulpine: You can't do wit ...

Why? Because the car is simply too feature-heavy. In fact, it's just plain too heavy.
Can you drive a car across a footbridge?
Can you drive a car down a four-foot-wide alley?
Can you carry that car to a second or third floor flat when there's no room to park it on the street?

That's the point I'm trying to make with tablets; they serve a similar purpose with capabilities that go beyond what you can comfortably or effectively do with something larger. Sure, you don't have air conditioning, but I might note that cars didn't have air conditioning for half of their hundred years now. A bicycle does do productivity tasks for police departments around the world--able to go where a four-wheeled cruiser simply cannot go. By limiting your own viewpoint to that of the car you completely overlook the strengths of a different platform--choosing instead to only see the limitations. This is where you and I have been arguing for this entire thread and what I've been trying to get you to see--at least acknowledge--even if it doesn't meet your needs or desires.
Me? I use bicycles, cars and even trucks as necessary; I don't consider any one of them best at all tasks. I own a Jeep; it's good for getting around places where a car can't go easily but does everything a car can do--except racing. But a car can't carry heavy or outsized loads and even my Jeep can't do that, so occasionally I need to use a truck. On the other hand, I use a bicycle when I need to go someplace the Jeep isn't allowed to go. When it comes to my computing, I spend the majority of my time in front of a desktop machine; but am I going to take that desktop out to the car every time I need to offer a presentation at a service club meeting or a client's home? No. I used to use a laptop for that purpose, but to be bluntly honest I got tired of hauling around a bulky clamshell that more often than not I had no place to put it except my lap or the floor when I needed to use it and it was consistently in the way if I needed to then get up and re-wire connections or perform other maintenance on my clients' machines. I now use a tablet for almost everything I previously used that that laptop.

So yes, the tablet can be and IS a productivity device, whether you want to believe it or not. Yes, it does do media consumption--I've never argued that--but it does so much more as well, which you insist is impossible despite proof to the contrary. A car is ONLY transportation; so is a bicycle. However, each one can do things the other can't. Get it now?

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