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VXD error - Do I need a new Hard Drive?

By lmcdonald ·
A user has been getting a vxd error off and on for a while ie:
OE HAS OCCURED @0028:C022EF90 INVVxD NWREDIR(07) + 00002EA4.
THIS WAS CALLED FROM 0028:C001C3D4 IN VxD NDIS(01) + 0004860.

About 3 months ago this user seemed to contract the nimda virus which affected her office applications. Shortly thereafter her network card was acting up. I replaced the 3Com card with a very similar 3Com card and loaded drivers. All seemed fine. The virus was removed, etc....

About 3-4 weeks laterone of the apps running on the network was acting up for her. We removed any local drive files associated with this app temporarily. Now she is getting the above message only when accessing another app on the network. She can go a couple weeks no problem, then all of a sudden she will get this error (of course when she is accessing the network app more heavily).

My boss said that she needs a new hard drive. Is this true?

I would greatly appreciate any help.


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VXD error - Do I need a new Hard Drive?

by silverfireiii In reply to VXD error - Do I need a n ...


No, you don't need a new hard drive. A new hard drive will cure the problem because it would be a fresh iinstall and the problem wouldn't be there. It sounds to me like Novell Netware was installed at one time and is either missing now or has been partially taken out or the files are corrupted. There are a couple things you can try that should get rid of the problem.

First One:
Remove the real-mode NetWare driver from the Autoexec.bat file by removing any line that contains Startnet.bat, Netx.exe, or Vlm.exe.

Remove the Microsoft client for NetWare networks and add the correct driver for the NetWare shell you are using. To do so, follow these steps:

1. In Control Panel, double-click the Network icon.
2. Click "Microsoft Client for NetWare Networks" and then click the Remove button.
3. Click the Add button, click Client, and then click Add.
4. In the Manufacturers box, click Novell. In the Network Clients box, click the appropriate client for the NetWare shell you are using. If you do not know which NetWare shell you are using, please contact your network administrator.
5. Click the OK button, and then click OK again.
6. Insert the appropriate Windows disk as required.
7. Insert the appropriateNovell workstation disk as required.

Second One:
Go the networking protocols and see if IPX/SPX or anything else that has to do with Novell is there. If so, uninstall them reboot and see if the problem is gone. If not reinstall them so that all there files are restored and any that were corrupt won't be now. You may need to get the Novell Netware Client disks from you Client and make sure they have the right version. I had one that took me two hours to get all the Novell stuff out of itone time.

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VXD error - Do I need a new Hard Drive?

by lmcdonald In reply to VXD error - Do I need a n ...

Finally getting back. After doing the above and waiting patiently, the user got the same error again today (3/13). It is still the same exact error. It is a DOS program that she is running when she gets the message. Any other suggestions? Anyhelp is greatly

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VXD error - Do I need a new Hard Drive?

by lmcdonald In reply to VXD error - Do I need a n ...

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