W XP doesn?t assing a lleter to my Flash Disks

By DonGustavo ·
I have read all the similar topics in this web, and I have not solved the problem. I tried everything.

XP use to work, then I made a clean install because a dll problem. That problem was solved but then I put my 6in1 card reader and my 8in1 card reader and they do not appear in MyPC.

I try diskmgmt.msc, it show me the letter but it does not appear in MyPC.

So I follow others methods related to the registers described in this web... still the same.

I dowloaded Tweick UI. Nothing at all.

There is not a hardware problem, they use to work.

XP SP3 is my system.

Any help?

Sorry for my pour english...

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So did you install the Driver for the Reader?

by OH Smeg In reply to W XP doesn?t assing a lle ...

If you didn't that is your problem and most likely you will need to reload the system again to overcome the imagined and nonworking fixes that you have done.

Also what is shown in Device Manager?


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yes I did...

by DonGustavo In reply to So did you install the Dr ...

I can see the Volume name in disk manager, with out a letter. So, I set a letter, say Z:

Then it does not appear on Explorer but it does in TOTAL COMMANDER and OPERA BROWSER!!!. That?s very strange. Perhaps is an Explorer problem. I have IE 7.

In Device manager I can read:
DISKS: Multi Flash Reader USB
USB CONTROLLERS: Mass storage device

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tried this?

by El_Duce In reply to yes I did...

In computer(or disk) managment, right-click the drive and choose change drive letter. Assign a drive letter of your choice.

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by DonGustavo In reply to tried this?

I did that. After that, it I can see the drive on OPERA and TOTAL COMMANDER. Not in Explorer.

If I restart, it does not appear in any browser.

Guys, I am really upset whit this problem. This is my working machine, I wouldn?t like to re install windows.
I manufacture SD data loggers so you can imagine that this is a big problem for me.

Thank you.

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How many drives do you see

by El_Duce In reply to Yes...

Can you tell which drive letters you do see in explorer?

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I see:

by DonGustavo In reply to How many drives do you se ...

A: floppy
C: Xp installed
G: My Data projects

That is all.

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try this

by El_Duce In reply to I see:

remove your drive G, D, E in diskmgmt and uninstall your SD-readers and reboot.
After sd-readers are back installed, they should have a letter assigned
Now re-assign a letter for yourCD/DVD/DATA DOCS

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by DonGustavo In reply to Drive Collision?

Downloaded, but the installer says that I have a newer version. That is include in SP3.

Microsoft says that SP3 solve the problem.
So I reinstall SP3, same problem...

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by DonGustavo In reply to W XP doesn?t assing a lle ...

Done what you said: nothing at all. Same problem.

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