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By ktech123 ·
Currently I have a small network running w2k as PDC. I just got a new server and will install w2k3 and make it a PDC. I want to demote the w2k to BDC but have never done so. Is it simply by dcpromo.exe and demote? Then bring the new w2k3 PDC online? I am having some trouble finding specifics on this. Thanks in advance.

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by CG IT In reply to w2k BDC w2k3PDC

well if this is an W2K Active Directory, DCs in a domain are peers. There are no PDCs BDC. There is, however a PDC emulator role that a DC can have to provide pre W2K interoperability between NT DC roles and W2K AD DCs.

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by CG IT In reply to

well with W2K Active Directory there are no PDCs and BDCs as was with NT. changes are replicated to all domain controllers within the domain and there is no master as in NT. roles can be assigned to domain controllers such as relative ID master role, global catalog, PDC emulator for mixed mode, etc etc. If all you want is to stick a W2003 DC into the domain, dcpromo promote the member server to a domain controller and assign it the global catalog role [global catalog is required for log in to the domain].

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by ktech123 In reply to w2k BDC w2k3PDC

pretty much all i want to do is bring the w2k3 PDC online and have users logon to it. Then demote the w2k box to act as BDC incase anything happens to 2k3 then users could still logon to w2k. Is this possible? what is this about peers? Am I missing something?

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by dryflies In reply to w2k BDC w2k3PDC

There is nothing to do other than use the "Manage your server" applet in Administrative tools to "Add a Role" The role to add is "Domain Controller" follow the directions and you are done. It will automatically replicate from your old server. Clients will authenticate with whichever server answers first.

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by ktech123 In reply to w2k BDC w2k3PDC

i heard some mention about running some tools to check for errors prior to promoting the new DC? is this something that needs to happen? or just dc promo and im done?

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by Whatme? In reply to w2k BDC w2k3PDC

As stated by both replies so far, but bring your W3k online first, promote it first, change all the roles (5 of them). I assume that you probably only have 1 DC so it probably has DNS and DHCP on it as well. You will have to install the new DC with DNS, and DHCP and authorize it. You can unauthorize and stop dhcp just previous to this so that you don't have 2 DHCP servers running.

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