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W2K Boot Problem

By Analyticus ·
I'm running W2K Server (SP4) with 2 Internal SCSI HDD's. I used to have 3 HDD's, but one of them (C: - where I used to boot from) failed a while back and I've been booting from a floppy ever since...

Of my existing HDD's, I have (disc 0) which I would like now to make the primary drive w/active partition and boot from. It has all the necessary files for W2K to boot, ie. boot.ini, ntldr, etc. but the server will not boot from it.

I'm guessing I've got to rebuild the Master boot record somehow to tell the drive that it's bootable.

Further complicating my situation is that I do not have the OS CD ("lost" before I started with the company) so I can't re-install W2K.

Will fdisk /mbr fix my problem?
Any suggestions / answers?

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by sgt_shultz In reply to W2K Boot Problem

man, they need to get you a replacement cd!
if in your shoes maybe one thing i would try is to go to the drive mfg website and download their utility for upgrading the drive. usually it will as you if you want to copy from one drive to the 'new' drive and ask you if you want to boot it. it will ask you the os. and it will fix the drive so you can boot from it...
i wonder if you just need to point to another drive in your boot.ini file to get this booting?
does this help any?

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by G... In reply to W2K Boot Problem

I don't get it. Do you have windows installed on ?
Then it's just a BIOS configuration you need to change. Press del or tab on startup and find the booting section in the menu there and set it to .
If not, then you can't boot windows without windows!!!
You'll have to install it.

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by mg_roberts In reply to W2K Boot Problem

I would make sure you have your boot.ini pointing to the correct drive, make sure you BIOS is set to boot from the correct drive, fdisk /mbr.

If you really need to re-install strip your license key from the OS and order a new disc.

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by Analyticus In reply to

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by Jim S. In reply to W2K Boot Problem

This Kb article my help you out 223188

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by pierrejamme In reply to W2K Boot Problem

Since you had 3 drives, I suspect it was Raid 5. WIs it? You need to find a comapatible drive and rebuild your RAID.
As far as the Cd goes, do you have a viable Product Key? Is it OEM? If so, contact the server supplier, if not buy one! I have seen this too often in my work. Oh we had a CD but we lost it and the Product Key?? Yeah right1

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by pierrejamme In reply to

sorry typing a little rusty this morning. 2nd line should be Is it?

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by Analyticus In reply to W2K Boot Problem

mg_roberts@... Thanks for the tips! You hit it closest.
I had the boot.ini file (rdisk()) parameter pointing to the wrong SCSI LUN... 1 instead of 0. I also had to run fixboot from the recovery console.
All fixed now!!

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by Analyticus In reply to W2K Boot Problem

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