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W2K Computer Constantly Restarting

By cturner ·
Can anyone suggest why a computer running w2k prof has suddenly started re-starting itself as if in a loop. When turned on its gets as far as the first W2K splash screen thens stops and restarts over and over. Could this be a virus? or something more simple!

Thanks for any help given.

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by Don_C In reply to W2K Computer Constantly R ...

Your haveing a hardware conflict would be my first quess Did you install something or could someone else installed something when you reboot your w2k box hit F8 to go in advance options then go to safemode check if there is a hardware conflict Alsounplug any devices that are not neccessary (printers,scanners,ect.)remember all you need is a keybroad,mouse and video GOOD LUCK

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by timwalsh In reply to Hmmmmm

While in safe mode, go to Control Panel | System | Advanced tab | Startup and Recovery, and uncheck the box labeled "Automatically reboot."

While this won't solve the problem causing the reboots, it should at least allow you to get to the Blue Screen of Death to help troubleshoot the problem.

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by cturner In reply to Addition

Sorry should have mentioned, when hitting the f8 key i get all the options listed but will not go into safemode it reboots as before.

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Try the other choices

by nccorthu In reply to Safemode

Try last good config. and then VGA only. If you can get any of those going go to the Device manager and see what is up there. Device manager will be easiest from My Computer \ Properties\ Hardware and Device manager.

If non of this worksslave the drive on another box pull the data and reload Win 2k.

It's the quickest really.

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The plot thickens

by cturner In reply to Hmmmmm

Nothing new was installed either hardware or software before the problem commenced, have tried with all peripherals detached with the same problem. Although the f8 key will show the menu will not load to safemode in any flavour. Have tried running the w2k recovery program from cdrom - says making changes but still reboots?

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Problem Sorted

by cturner In reply to W2K Computer Constantly R ...

Thanks to everybody who answered, i have got around the non-booting disk problem by connecting to a working system as a slave drive. This allowed me to retrieve my files/photos etc. Old disk will attempt scratching/formatting etc and give one last go - otherwise it will go to the great graveyard in the sky. Backups will be made more frequently from now on.

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