W2k DC demotion

By AMcIntosh ·
Looking to find out what will happen if I do the following???

Current setup: 1 x W2k Primary Domain Controller, running Exch2k, and 1 x w2k03 DC.

I am wanting to retire the w2k server in favour of the w2k03 machine. Normal services are probably not going to be a problem. What I am concerend about is the Exchange side of things.

I can create a new user from the w2k03 server no problem, but it doesn't create an exchange mailbox, or allow editing of exch attributes - but it works fine on the w2k server which has Exch installed. My worry is that when I demote the w2k server to being a member server & remove AD, I will not be able to Edit Exhcange properties from the w2k03 server.

If this going to be a problem??? or will the w2k demotion sort out the w2k03 server/AD when all services are transfered over???

Any help would be appreciated.


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