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    W2K + Exchange 2000 domain name change.


    by cb admin ·

    My question is, is it possible to change the domain name on a w2k server with Exchange 2000? Our company is changing web sites, therefore we’ll need to change our email addresses also. Currently this is our naming convention on our w2k server, with Active Directory., etc..

    Our email addresses are

    domainname is the same as company’s web site.

    Our company web site will soon change to

    Therefore will need to change our email address also, is this possible? How dificult? How do I start with this. I’ll also need to make changes to my other servers, right?

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      Hi CB Admin

      by areets ·

      In reply to W2K + Exchange 2000 domain name change.

      You do not have a problem. Add the new e-mail domains to existing mailboxes and make it the default address. In relation to your previous issue, install the DNS server on the Exchange 2000 server and you will be tidying up your installation. What’s the expression: “2 birds with one stone”.

      Your DNS server’s SOA values most point to your ISP’s ns servers. Let your DNS server interact with other servers but make it a short list.


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