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W2K Pro Keyboard Shortcut Problem

By Widgey Woo ·
I hope some one can help.
I have a client in my company who has accessibility problems and was wondering if anyone knows of a keyboard shortcut that will allow them to close all open windows with 1 keystroke.... I have tried in accessibilty optionsbut sadly found nothing. any ideas would be appreciated


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A couple of options - neither are good

by hbchad In reply to W2K Pro Keyboard Shortcut ...

Your best bet with 2k is to use alt+F4 (close active program) and ctrl+F4 (close active window within programs), and just repeat alt+F4 until you get everything closed. If your client keeps a lot of windows open then that could be a problem as could (depending on the accessibility issues) pushing alt and F4 at the same time. I found a couple of programs (nothing real good - if you look hard there may be something better) on that might be worth a try...

There is a program that is really not designed for accessibility issues but more for security/someone is looking over my shoulder type things. The program is called Dreadlock Privacy. I havent tried it but it claims to have a user programmable hot key that will close all open windows/programs.

CloselEx is another one will close all Internet explorer windows but that's it.

There's a program Winshutdown that assigns shutdown, restart and logoff to the F keys of your choosing.

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