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w2k pro or xp

By pmirlekar ·
we have PIII 866 128MB RAM 4GB HD system with win95.
which is better upgrade option w2k pro or XP ?
what is pro & con of xp & w2k pro ?


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Depends on resources

by pgm554 In reply to w2k pro or xp

XP needs 256 meg ram minimum.2000 will work with 128 mg and needs less disk .

XP has some built in features (firewall,rollback,cdwritng software),that 2000 does not.

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by GuruOfDos In reply to Depends on resources

>XP needs 256 meg ram minimum

Since when? I run XP Pro on several systems and it works fine with 64Mb. It runs much better with 128Mb of RAM, but there is no difference between 128Mb and 256Mb that I can determine, even with several 'hungry' apps open at once!

I agree though, XP eats disk space!! With the specifications mentioned, 98SE would be a much more viable option because of the disk space requirements.

I just installed a clean copy of XP Pro on a new system and with just XP and the Windows Updates, and NOT archiving original files during update, there is something like 2.6Gb needed just for Windows. I have no other software on the system, other than device drivers.

With a 4Gb hard disk, you can upgrade to 98SE, run a full install of Office 2000 Premium AND still have nearly 2Gb left for data.

An 833MHz P3 will cope pretty well with any OS, but I wouldn't choose anything other than Win98 UNLESS the hard drive was changed first!

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AIDA32 mem report

by pgm554 In reply to Why?!!

I run Office XP ,NortonSystem Works ,Novell client and a few other apps.AIDA 32 reports 311 megabytes used.

The kernal on an XP system is 32 megs.Will XP run on 64 megs ,yeah ,but we all know that XP is bloatware and the more memory ,the better.

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by Oz_Media In reply to Depends on resources

The main problem you will find with XP over 200 is driver compaitibility. XP has some fairly stringent requirements in order to work. I know several people who no longer burn CD's with thier burner, they Don't have a working scanner anymore etc. because they upgraded and drivers are not available.

Judging by YOUR system and NO upgrades (even memory) you will probably be better off with 2000 due to hardware issues.

If you are preparde to upgrade any needed parts, sound card, video card, scanner, prinet or whatever, then you will probably stay more current by using XP (You SHOULD add more RAM though, you will see find it is quite sluggish unless stripped of XP's features). 2000 will lose support (not that you need it) one day, they have changed the date many time already so it is undecided whether it is this year or next but XP will have supoprt and updates for a while.

If you wait a lttle longer, Ms will have a new OS anyway, then another , then another, then another...

Do you have a NEED for upgrading, or is it just because people say it's better?

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How will the PC be used?

by TheChas In reply to w2k pro or xp

It really depends on how the PC will be used.

If this is for business use, I recommend W2K.
W2K is more secure and more stable than XP.

If this is for personal use that includes games and digital media work, then XP would be a better choice.

Either way, you will want to add a minimum of another 128MB of RAM.
If you can afford it, install the maximum amount of RAM that the motherboard can handle.

Before upgrading, check the manufactures web site for your peripherals such as printers, scanners, sound and video cards.
If the manufacture does not offer a XP driver for you to download the device may have only limited functionality under XP.


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by mrafrohead In reply to w2k pro or xp

Use windoze 2000. It's a lot better, doesn't have all of the fufu crap in it, and IMHO runs better.

But again, it's all just opinion, and we all know what's said about those.


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What's that?

by Oz_Media In reply to Win2K

Just like A-Holes, everyones got one?

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by mrafrohead In reply to What's that?
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