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W2k server and domain connections

By ShadyRayRay ·
We have about 20 nodes accessing our LAN. Users intermittently lose their full domain connection preventing them from accessing directories on our Primary domain network drives. They have already successfully logged onto the domain and ultimately notice they have no access to network drives at various times throughout the day. In addition, they are unable to logon to the domain as themselves when they reboot. They receive "No domain server is avail. to validate your connection. Furthermore, they can logon to the LAN under another username until their account resets itself. Why are they losing their network connections in the first place?

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W2k server and domain connections

by Joseph Moore In reply to W2k server and domain con ...

This really sounds like bandwidth saturation to me. Is it at the same times during the day when they can't access network resources? Is it when everyone is hitting the network at the same time? Are there large data transfers going on at this time?
I would start running a sniffer package (Sniffer Pro, for example) to monitor the available network bandwidth. Perhaps there is just too much traffic going on for your infrastructure to handle. Can you monitor your switches/hubs with their own traffic monitoring tools?
Maybe your network is just getting saturated.

Also, check out the logs on your file- sharing servers during these times. Make sure they aren't being killed by requests. Processor usage, disk usage, etc.

Basically, if there is no bandwidth, then no, the users won't get their networked shares and would be unable to log in.

Just my 2 cents.

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