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    W2K server disabling shutting down


    by kimwaller ·

    I ahve W2K server running Citrix XPE I want diable the option for users to be able o shutdown o restart server?

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      W2K server disabling shutting down

      by pholden ·

      In reply to W2K server disabling shutting down

      There are a couple of places you need to go to configure this properly. First from the server you need to go to Start, Programs, Admin Tools, Local Security settings. Expand Local Policies, and click on ‘User Rights Assignment’. Look for the key named ‘Shut down system’. Double click it. Here is where you can specify which users/groups can or can’t shut down the system. Another place to check is also in the ‘User rights Asg’ window. It is called ‘Force shutdown form remote system’. Check that too. Then Right below ‘User rights Asg’ on the left is another one called ‘Security Options’. The 3rd option form the top in that category is called ‘Allow system to be shutdown without logon’. Double click and disable that too. That should take care of it for you. You of course need to be logged in as admin over the local machine to do this. Good luck.

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