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W2K Server Move

By Chris Ross ·
Hello everyone,
I've got a little situation I would like some advice on if I could talk
someone into it:

First, I've got an old machine currently running W2K Server, Exchange 2000,
MS DNS, DHCP, WWW, FTP, file sharing for PC and Mac, and is the only 2k
server and therefore is a DC, GC, and holds all the FSMO roles.

We have one other server running NT4 and SQL7. It is configured as a BDC
now and we can't really do anything to it (not allowed to).

We are upgrading to a nice new server and basically need to migrate all
services from the current W2k server to the new one, including Exchange data
of course.

I am hoping for some advice on the best way to go about making the move, specifically each of the steps and what order to do them in.

Some other info:

We host 3 different outside domains from this server (in other words, 3
domain names point to us)...however, the current internal domain name we use
is not even registered to use (and can't be because someone else owns it).
Was hoping for a way to move all services to the new machine and rename the
domain, but I can't seem to figure how to accomplish it. Is it going to
cause me problems to leave as-is, haven't had any problems yet, probably
since we are part of a big corporate network and are behind many other DNS

One other thing, we are always getting netlogon errors from the NT4 server
(yes, the domain is in mixed mode) saying that it can't find a logon server,
and some other netlogon errors, but, again, we can't upgrade it.

Chris Ross

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W2K Server Move

by timwalsh In reply to W2K Server Move

Chris, this may or may not be straight-forward, it depends...

Couple of questions:

Is there a corporate AD organization? Are you part of the corporate AD organization (i.e. are you a child domain in a corporate AD forest)? Or are you the onlyAD domain within the corporation?

Reference the internal domain name (that doesn't belong to you) - is this by chance your AD domain name and the domain name that Exchange is tied to? Or is Exchange tied to one of your "legal" domain names (i.e.

Would like to have the answers to these questions before giving any kind of answer. The process could get very complicated (or even be un-doable), or it may turn out to be fairly straight-forward (which doesn't necessarily mean easy).

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W2K Server Move

by Chris Ross In reply to W2K Server Move

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W2K Server Move

by Chris Ross In reply to W2K Server Move

In response to some questions:

No, we are not part of an AD organization, we are our own forest ourselves, all the rest of out organization is NT.

Yes, our internal domain name is our AD domain name, not sure i understand what you mean by exchange being tied to out internal domain name; we receive mail on 3 seperate domain names that do belong to us, but not on the domain name that we have for our internal domain.

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W2K Server Move

by Chris Ross In reply to W2K Server Move

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