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W2k Server very slow

By brian.harwood ·
A server running W2k Server on a workgroup with 4 PCs is very slow and slows down daily. It needs a weekly restart to restore any speed at all.
Performance shows CPU useage going to 100% often, the "culprit" under processes is "system".
Any suggestions on where to start or what to monitor please?


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by BSOD_420 In reply to W2k Server very slow

Brian....Give some stats about what software / hardware combination you are running. Also, what programs are you running at startup?

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Slow 2

by BSOD_420 In reply to W2k Server very slow

Also, look at the "Image" name for the process that is sucking up all your CPU cycles in the task manager. "System" refers to the user who executed the program.

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Slow 2k Server

by spelunkdude In reply to W2k Server very slow

We experienced a simliar incident on a network with only 40 pc's and no heavy load programs turns out it was Symantec anti-virus checking every file transaction (open,create,copy,etc)...changed it to only check on creation/modify ...try changing your anti-virus settings to test

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how to speed up server

by jdclyde In reply to W2k Server very slow

start format c
Install ANY linux

Sorry, I couldn't resist.

Have you checked if your temp folder is filling up? Windows does a terrible job cleaning up after it's self.

Do you have logging on? If so, what is being logged? (audited)

How much free disk space do you have available?

Are users logging off in an orderly fashion? If they are getting disconnected and the app isn't getting shut down properly?

Is this a new install?
How long has it been up?
How long has this been going on?
Has there been any new packages loaded?
Recent patches?
Run Antivirus and Adaware scans looking for anything odd running?

Hope this gives you some ideas where to look.

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