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W2k Server w/2 NICs

By bill.lafay ·
I have W2k Server with 2 NICs - one public, one private. Public NIC is set to get TCP/IP info from my ISP. Private NIC has fixed non-routable IP and proper subnet mask. When I set up DHCP on this server using MCC snap-in, the IP address of the DHCP server that pops up is the IP of the public NIC. IF I try to force it to the IP of the private NIC, I get an error saying Server can not be found. After doing a refresh, the public NIC IP pops up again. I have same problem with DNS and WINS. I want all three to be on the private NIC side. How do I set this up? I am sure this set up is done every day. I must be doing something wrong.

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W2k Server w/2 NICs

by Shanghai Sam In reply to W2k Server w/2 NICs

I'm slightly confused here. Are you saying that you want to use a static IP from your ISP and have DHCP assign the non-routable internal IPs? Just making sure I follow okay...I usually see people wanting DHCP to assign the dynamic address to the public interface and have the private interface (default gateway) mapped with your internal address (10.0.x.x or 192.168.x.x)?

If you force it to release it's IP addresses, then restart does it help? What configuration did you have before you set upNAT?

You may need to strip things out and just methodically go back through the configuration steps. Make sure the cards are both recognized and funtioning. Make sure the cards can receive and release addresses okay. Then set up the NAT, DHCP, etc.

If you haven't read through this yet, here's MS' article on NAT for Win 2k.;en-us;Q299801

(make sure to delete any spaces in the URL)

Set things up in the exact order MS recommends and give it a whirl. Hope this helps....

Good Luck!

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W2k Server w/2 NICs

by bill.lafay In reply to W2k Server w/2 NICs

The public NIC gets its IP address automatically from my ISP. The private NIC connects to my internal LAN and has a fixed IP (10.0.0.x)address. I want to set up DHCP, DNS, WINS on my private NIC(10.0.0.X subnet) so my client machines can be set up automatically. I cannot use Microsoft's ICS or Microsoft's version of NAT because they have taken short cuts in their implementation and my Content Filter program will not work(SolidOak's CyberSitter). I need to use a real proxy server to run CyberSitter content filter. So I am using Ostisis WinProxy as my proxy server. Needless to say, when I try to implement DHCP, DNS and WINS on the server before this other stuff is installed, they get bound to the public NIC for some reason. I need them to bebound to my private NIC (10.0.0.x subnet). I can't seem to make that happen. If I uninstall the public NIC, then they get bound to the correct NIC. As soon as I re-install the public NIC, the bindings change to the public NIC.
Hope this clarifies things.

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W2k Server w/2 NICs

by Joseph Moore In reply to W2k Server w/2 NICs

I know that running DHCP and/or WINS on a multihomed server causes problems, because both NICs will answer request.
Try unbinding the DHCP and WINS services from the adapter. Go to Network & Dialup Connections -> Tools -> Advanced Settings.
The Adapter and Bindings tab should show the setup for both NICs. Uncheck DHCP/WINS settings for the public NIC, so that only the Private NIC is selected with these two services.

As for DNS, I am not sure if this same method will work.

hope this helps

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