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    W2K Update Site


    by acsmith ·

    Is anyone else having a problem with the W2K update site when behind a Netgear RT311 gateway router. I can access the site and the catalog loads normally. I can select the desired updates and thelicense agreements function. The proccess fails on either the download, or if that completes then the installation fails. Computers in question update OK when not behind the router. Problem started about 2 weeks ago and rebooting the routers has not cleared the problem. Any ideas?

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      by sgt_shultz ·

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      i have not had any trouble. saw something about trouble getting to update site when you have certain routers. on ms support website: think has to do with anti-worm measures. can’t look rite now. maybe you have a peek…

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      by joseph moore ·

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      sgt_shultz is right, in that Microsoft changed the Windows Update site in responce to the SoBig.F worm attack a couple weeks ago.
      The site now uses SSL for some of its connections, and I have read on how that is causing problems with some routers.
      There is also an issue in that the new Windows Update site is now using web servers for load balancing. And some people have in their HOSTS file resolving to the local loopback address. What that does, then, is makes it impossible for the user to access that site for the updates. Their computer, instead, looks at ITSELF for Windows updates. This fails, and then the update job fails.

      So, just make sure that your router is not blocking any SSL communication (TCP port 443) outbound. Then, check your HOSTS file for any subdomain and remove it if you have it.

      hope this helps

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