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    w2k3 domain name chanages


    by aaron ·

    I currently have a w2k3 sbs server running and stupidly created an extra long domain name. Can i change the domain name without mucking up too much stuff?

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      by aaron ·

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      I think you are stuffed

      by david.baines ·

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      It’s my experience that to change the domain name, you have to re-install AD, which essentiallyt means re-installing from scratch.

      Our company changed name 2 years ago, and I ran into the same problem.
      Then, the only ooption was a re-install..
      In the end, I waited 12 months, at which time we were replacing the servers, so re-installed Server2K3 with the new domain name…


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      W2K3 AD name change

      by churdoo ·

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      You can now change the AD name on Server 2K3, but I don’t know about SBS. Hopefully one of the SBS guru’s will respond.

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