W2K3 SBS Server - Inbuilt 5 CALS - Is Allocation in parts possible?

By smtw ·
Hi, SBS 2003 server includes 5 CALs by default and I learn that they can be allocated as Per User or Per Device. My question is can i allocate them in parts - that is 2 for Per User and 3 as Per device? Is it possible?

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The default CAL's that come with 2003 can be used however you want them

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to W2K3 SBS Server - Inbuilt ...

But they will still limit 5 concurrent computer connections to the server no matter if you have 1 user logged in 3 times and 2 terminals logged in that will be the upper limit of connections available though initially you will get a warning that you have exceeded the available CAL's and you will for a short time be able to connect more computers to the server but this is limited to a certain number and only for a short time till you can buy the required additional CAL's/Terminal Services Licenses that you require.

With this server the first 5 to log in will be the first to get connected and then any others will be given a warning and eventually cut off unless you do something to stop this happening which means buy more CAL's.

I've used both User and Terminal CAL's and to be quite honest there is very little difference between them in the way that they appear to work on the system.


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