W2K3 server RDP Resolution issue

Whenever anyone, myself included, tries to use Remote workplace or RDP to access the network from off premises the screen comes up small and bordered (or framed) by black. Initially I thought it was differing screen resolutions between the remote stations and the host. But after trying several resolutions from windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 machines the problem still remains. I'm somewhat convinced the problem has to be coming from the server's Terminal service settings but have been unable to locate settings to adjust this feature.

Has anyone seen this? How have you managed to correct or workaround it?

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by Aaron Mason In reply to W2K3 server RDP Resolutio ...


What does the RDP configuration say about resolution? Make sure it's set to Full Screen.

Also, do you log in over the Internet or over a VPN?


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Yes, its says full screen

by ACGPHX In reply to Screenshot?

I do login via the internet. VPN is hardly ever used unless for direct file access. I am not on location (125 miles away) and I'm not capturing a screen shot via my RDP connection for some reason.

The best I can offer in the way of a physical description is "try to imagine the entire RDP window reduced in size and encapsulated in a two inch black picture frame."

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Right-click and edit the RDP link..

by cmatthews In reply to Yes, its says full screen

..then save it.

Also, If your home PC's RDP is outdated, get an update:
Google "rdp client update" and check the result from Microsoft.

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