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W2K3 Srv moved to a new "site"

By NateH ·
Hi all

I think I caused myself a problem.

I have a client with two buildings - connected via T1.

Bldg 1 has the one subnet 10.0.0. with the 1 domain controller.

Bldg1 has the only server - W2K3 with Exchange, running as a domain controller for both buildings.

I recentlly got a new server and decided to install it in Bldg2.

So, being the high tech guy that I am, I decided I will create 2 "sites" in AD for "Bldg1" and "Bldg2".

I then "moved" the DC in Bldg1 from its original "Default-First-Site-Name" to "Bldg1" site. and placed the new server in the "Bldg2" site.

At this point Bldg2 DC is not really active yet.

Suddenly I began getting some strange problems.

1. I can't add new printers. Get "Access Denied"
2. RRAS does not show me the "Remote Access Policies" and "Remote Access Logging". I get an error "An error occurred trying to make a connection to the datastore."
3. Exchange is giving me some problems with some new mailboxes I created. I can't seem to open them at the users' Outlook folder.
4. I just tried to install a backup program that I have installed many times before. I get errors about path name not correct.



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by CG IT In reply to W2K3 Srv moved to a new " ...

in active directory sites and services, you didn't need to create a new site for Bbldg1. All you had to do was rename the Default first site to bldg1. But since you did, you have to associate a subnet to the site. Associate the 10.0.0 subnet to the bldg site. when you get bldg site 2 subnet up, you have to associate that subnet to the site in Active Directory sites and services.

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by NateH In reply to W2K3 Srv moved to a new " ...

thank you CGIT.

I did as you said, but I am still having weirdness.

For instance, the RRAS shows the RRAS policies with a red X and the option to add a new policy is greyed out.

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by CG IT In reply to W2K3 Srv moved to a new " ...

humm what exactly did you do. Did you take the default first name site subnet and associate it with the new site bldg1 you created or did you delete that site, rename the default first name site to bldg1?

next, are you still having the problems with printers, email and installing programs? or did those problems clear up? if not, here is something to try. in administrative tools, RRAS, disable routing and remote access to clear RRAS configuration from the default first site name subnet. then rerun the configure and enable routing and remote access wizard.

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by CG IT In reply to

note: RRAS really doesn't have anything to do with printers, email, installing programs. The way I worded the suggestion appears it does but it doesn't.

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by NateH In reply to W2K3 Srv moved to a new " ...

CGIT, thank you for sticking with me on this.

I realize that RRAS and other stuff are not related, but they all started at the same time I moved the site.

The way I did this was created a new site and simply moved Bldg1 to it. I still have the original

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by NateH In reply to W2K3 Srv moved to a new " ...


More info. I have the two DCs. Bldg1 is associated with subnet 10.0.0.x and Bldg2 with 10.1.0.x. I have not done much with Bldg2 DC since I just installed it recently.

At Bldg1, I disabled RRAS and re-enabled it several times. No luck. Still can't get to the policies. All else in RRAS seems to be working fine.

I also can't seem to install or change printer drivers. I get an error about access denied and I am logged in as the admin. Huh???

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by CG IT In reply to W2K3 Srv moved to a new " ...

If you still have problems with most all services, best thing to do here is to delete the bldg 1 site. reassociate that subnet to the default first site name and then rename the default first site name [to bldg 1]. leave bldg 2 site and subnet alone. If the services and program installation problems were not fixed by associating the subnet to the new site, delete that site, move the subnet back to the default first name site and then rename it to what you want. Best suggestion I got for ya. BFilm might have some trick up his sleeve so you might ask him or see if you can get a hold of Maxwell Edison.

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by sgt_shultz In reply to W2K3 Srv moved to a new " ...

what is ADPREP and would it help any here?

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by NateH In reply to W2K3 Srv moved to a new " ...


Here is an interesting twist to all this.

I was still having the original problems when I logged onto the server via RemoteDesktop (RDP). I happened to check the RRAS and all was working fine. I attempted to add a printer and no problem. I installed a program I meant to before and it worked just fine. This works when I am logged in and click on RDP and simply log on again with the same account. But if I go back to the console, same issues....

That just does not make sense to me.

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by CG IT In reply to W2K3 Srv moved to a new " ...

remote desktop to the default first named site on the DC. Site bldg 1 even associated with the original LAN subnet that was associated with default first name site is still considered a different site that the default first named site. You "added" the site in AD sites and services. Like I said, best thing to do is re-associate the subnet to the default first name site, delete the bldg 1 site then rename the default first name site to bldg 1.

Thats the best I can do. you'll need maxwell edison [haven't seen him in ages] or Dklippert for nifty tricks.

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