W2k3 Terminal Server All users folder

I have a fully functional w2k3 terminal server that has been in production providing local and remote access to its applications.

Until recently I've been able to copy shortcuts to the ALL USERS Desktop folder and it would propigate to every authenticated users individual profile. Sometime over the last month this simple thing stopped occurring. Naturally no one bothered to mention it until I was on vacation. Now when I copy an icon from my administrative profile into the ALL USERS Desktop folder what propigates is a blank shortcut. I checked permission on the program folders and everthing looks as they should. I'm at a loss to explain this or how to rectify it.

Has anyone else experienced this?Any help would be most appreciated.

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No one has an idea?

by ACGPHX In reply to W2k3 Terminal Server All ...

Anyone out there? I know its been a while since I've visited but no responses?

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Gremlins? -- or -- No, no idea.

by seanferd In reply to No one has an idea?

But it sure as heck sounds like Gremlins.

Wait - Do you use Symantec Endpoint Protection or anything like that? That's where the Gremlins probably live.

To deny you access unaccountably is one thing, but stripping data from the file and allowing the copy doesn't really sound like Windows to me.

But I ain't no professional server jockey.

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not symantec

by ACGPHX In reply to Gremlins? -- or -- No, no ...

Symantec hasn't been used on the network in 3-4 years.

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by christianshiflet In reply to not symantec

Check the permissions on the shortcut file itself. I have had the same issue where copying a shortcut from an admin account to the All Users doesn't allow other user groups to access the shortcut file, regardless of the permissions on the file it is a link to.

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by ACGPHX In reply to Shortcut

Sorry it took so long to respond. I made the adjustments you suggested and waited for a reply from the remote users. Mistake. I still havent heard back from anyone but all things considered, no news is good news.

Appreciate the help thanks.

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