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    W2K3 VPN Connects, but won’t Ping to network


    by jcanker ·

    I have a Windows 2003 VPN set up on a server is dedicated to the VPN connects to the rest of my network

    The rest of the network is connected to a Cisco 2924 catalyst. I have turned off flood access controls on the catalyst.

    I have set aside a range of IP addresses for the VPN users; it does not use the DHCP server to assign addresses to the remote user.

    On server side I am running a Smoothwall 3.0 firewall. Client is using a Linksys RT41-BU. All 3 VPN passthrus are enabled on the Linksys.

    Remote Client is able to connect to the VPN; Client can ping both the 192.168.249 and .250 server interfaces. When he tries to ping anything else on the network, however, pings are inconsistent, when he can ping anything at all. For instance, the VPN server also hosts 3 VMware servers:, .2, and .3. The remote cannot ping these servers. Sometimes ping attempts result in one reply, then the rest will be no replies.

    Does anyone have any ideas as to what is going on? It is imperative that the remote client be able to reach the network beyond just the VPN server.

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